26 September 2009

ENGLISH-DUTCH VOCABULARY 4: fruitS, vegetables and spices

English - Dutch
fruits - vruchten of fruit                                        
orange - sinaasappel                        pineapple - ananas
grapes - druiven                              peach - perzik
pear - peer                                      raspberry - framboos
blackberry - zwarte bessen               strawberry - aardbeien
banana - banaan                              watermelon - watermeloen
cherry - kers                                    lemon - citroen
mandarin - mandarijn                       plum - pruimen
kiwi - kiwi                                       apple - appel

vegetables - groenten
potato - aardappels                          tomatoe - tomaat
lettuce - sla                                     cucumber - komkommer
carrot - peen, wortel                        squash, pumpkin - pompoen
cauliflower - bloemkool                    broccoli - broccoli
cabbage - kool                                 French beans - sperziebonen
brown beans - bruine bonen             onion - ui
paprika - paprika                             spinach - spinazie
peas - erwten                                  leek - prei
soya - soja
spices - specerijen
ginger - gember                               garlic - knoflook
celery - selderij                                clove - kruidnagel
cinnamon - kaneel                            mustard - mosterd
pepper - peper                                 cumin - komijn, dijnten
coriander - koriander, ketoembar       anise - anijs
basil - basilicum                                dill - dille
tarragon - dragon                              caraway - karwij
turmeric - kurkuma, koenijt               laurel - laurier
rosemary - rozemarijn                       sage - salie
star anise - steranijs                           thyme - tijm
vanilla - vanille                                  mint - munt

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viagra online Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

Thanks for the translation .. the pictures have whetted the appetite of many ...

Anonymous,  Wednesday, February 29, 2012  

Hi, Thanks for the translantion..it will be great if a album of photos n names of veg, fruits n spices tagged with couple of vegan reciepes are added..

Spa Covers Wednesday, March 14, 2012  

These words are very difficult to pronounce!

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