30 November 2009

NetheRLands Young inVentoRs

Last Saturday November 28, was the final show of the tv program "Het Beste IDEE van Nederland" means "The Best Idea in the Netherlands". They looked for new inventors. We followed this show. I find it very interesting to watch new inventions or ideas to solve our problems or lessen them. There were 6,412 ideas. There were 6 new inventors in the final show. The winning entry was the Zzzleeplight. This Zzzleeplight that slowly extinguishes and produces a soothing sound was created by three children Siem, Camiel and Merlijn. They received 25,5% votes from the viewers. They won 25,000 euros and a contract that this product will be in the market.

In the category sustainable energy Frank Heutinck won the prize with his idea, water faucet will automatically rotates back in the cold state.
I am thinking of a new ideathat might be interesting, simple but useful. Who knows? I might be the next inventor. LOL.


27 November 2009

Express Yourself

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T-shirts that everyone can wear! 
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25 November 2009

DUTCH CULTURE: Sinterklaas

Few weeks ago Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) arrived in the Netherlands in a boat from Spain. He is children's best friend because he gives gifts. Sinterklaas with his helpers black Petes "Zwarte Pieten" visited in one of the malls here. Annabel and Kevin were very happy to see him. Malls, schools, restaurants etc. are celebrating Sinterklaas. In the school of my kids, they are busy drawing, making things to celebrate the festival. On the evening of December 5, Zwarte Pieten bring gifts to every house through the chimney. If the child is good then he receives gifts if not he will be taken to Spain. So, the children are very nice and obedient this time wishing and hoping that they will receive many gifts from Sinterklaas. This is a long awaited evening, evening of Gifts. Children receive many gifts not just one but sometimes 5-10 gifts. The children are more excited waiting for Sinterklaas than Christmas EVe.
Sinterklaas, the kids are nice, so they ready to welcome yOu.


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24 November 2009

It Feels GREAT when you can help SomeOne

I thought before that Live Traffic Feed was nothing, no use at all. Who cares if I have visitors or not. But I found out that this helps a lot to know who your visitors are. Through the Live Feed Traffic I saw that I have other visitors besides bloggers. One visitor searched for:
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Did you also look at the Live Traffic Feed who visited your blog?


23 November 2009

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21 November 2009

NeTheRLands, WoN JuNiOR Eurovision Song Contest

The Junior Songfestival in Europe was held in Ukraine. We have just watched the show. We were very happy since our contestant Ralf Mackenbach with his song "Click Clack" won. Ralf is 14 years old and from North Brabant. He wrote his song "Click Clack". My children Annabel (8) and Kevin (5) are fans of Ralf. They know the song.
There were 13 lands participated the contest Belgium, Malta, Macedonia, Ukraine, Armania, Russia, Sweden, Romania, Servia, Georgia, Cyprus, The Netherlands and Belarus.
To Ralf and his mates CONGRATULATIONS, boys! The Dutch people are very proud of YOu.


Another BLog ADveRTiser approved this BLOg

I was happy when I read the e-mail from Socialspark that they approved my blog. I submitted this blog 3 days ago. They immediately approved my blog. My other blog "My Life in HoLLand", it took 5 weeks before they approved it. It was many times rejected. You knew already when it is rejected. It doesn't meet their requirements. Anyway, this blog is now ready to receive opps. I am also ready to promote the products and services of the advertisers. So, common now opps, I am ready.


20 November 2009

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DUTCH FOOD: European smoKeD EeLs, very expensive

Do you like smoked eel?
Have you eaten eels?
Why is eel very expensive?
The Eels (Anguilla anguilla) is a catadromous(migrating from fresh water to the sea to spawn)fish with a snake-like body.
Dutch people like eel filets than the whole eel. Before eel was one of the staple food but now it is become delicacy because of the price. One kilo eel costs 47.90 euros equivalent to 3,200 (Philippine) pesos supermarket price. If you buy it from the market the price per kilo is 37.50 euros (2,512 Phil. peso)
Eel is one of the fattiest fish. In northern Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, smoked eel is considered a delicacy. A 100-g portion eel is a rich source of protein, niacin, and vitamins A, D, and B12; a good source of niacin and vitamin B2; a source of vitamins B1 and B6; contains 20 g of fat and supplies 300 kcal (1260 kJ).
The food science believes today that oily fish, including eel, a beneficial effect on brains, heart and blood vessels. This effect is mainly attributed to the Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The unsaturated fatty acids work even lowering cholesterol.
I seldom eat smoked eels because my gosh... it is very expensive. This is one of my favorite food. You should try this when you can visit the Netherlands.


19 November 2009

Unique Gifts, Makt it

Are you looking for unique gifts for this Christmas season?
Personalized gifts are very impressive. I find personalized gifts very awesome in the sense that the time spent in making it, was very wonderful. When someone made it for you then you are very special. To give you an idea what to give to your friends and loved ones for this coming Christmas, these personalized ornaments are highly recommended. They also have baby ornaments like this:

I made my personalized mouse pad. But I cannot show you the mouse pad I made. I cannot paste it here. I was really impressed.
Try to make your own personalized ornaments and see the amazing results.


18 November 2009

The New WoRLd ReCoRd, domiNO daY

Last Friday November 13 was the Domino Day in the Netherlands. The day is organized each year by Endemol who also produced the Big Brother show. Robin Paul Weijers, the Domino guy with his team had set up 4,800,000 dominoes in a 7-field of 34 by 17 meters. There were 4,491,863 dominoes fell. That was another World Record. The theme was the World in Domino-The Show with the Flow,  portrayed the different continents of the world. It was the 11th editions of the domino show and held at WTC Expo Leeuwarden, northern part of the Netherlands. The show was one  the biggest tv productions of the Netherlands. There were 2,890,000 who viewed the show and I was one of them. The best viewed show on that night. They succeeded to break the world record. The design was amazing. I will surely watch next year for another spectacular show.


15 November 2009

Satellite Internet

We have just moved into our new house two weeks ago. In our new place we have many internet providers. They offer different internet bundles. So, we have many choices and we do not know which one is the best. While I was searching in the internet for the best provider I came across this Clear Wireless Internet provider. I signed up and was amazed about the packages and deals they gave. We signed up for Bundler 3, all-in home internet, mobile internet and home phone. We saved up to 40% and is unlimited.
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10 November 2009


One of the dutch food is herring. Herring is the most popular fish and the most typical, traditional and oldest street food in the Netherlands.

                                           This is how to eat herring. 
Herrings are caught between the end of May and the beginning of July in the North Sea near Denmark or Norway, before the breeding season starts. This is because herrings at this time are unusually rich in oils (over 15%) and their roe and milt have not started to develop. To protect against threadworms, Dutch regulations mandate freezing to at least minus 45 degrees celsius before salting. The herrings are ripened for a couple of days in oak barrels in a salty solution, or brine the pancreatic enzymes which support the ripening make this version of salt herring especially mild and soft.
The herring is marinated in cider, wine, sugar, herbs and spices. It is served cold with chopped onions and pickles. I like fish very much but the way it is prepared, it taste bbhaah. especially when they eat it with bread. My gosh... I can not imagine the taste...another cultural differences.


09 November 2009

ANSWERS, exercise 12

DUTCH LANGUAGE: masculine - feminine name calls

ANSWERS, exercise 12
1. oma                                                      16. broer
2. ooi                                                        17. hommer/hom/gelt
3. koe                                                       18. poes
4. aap                                                       19. vader
5. koe                                                       20. meisje
6. lerares                                                   21. leeuw
7. pop                                                       22. hen
8. keiler/ever                                             23. duivin
9. koningin                                                24. ram
10. student                                                25. rekel
11. echtgenote                                          26.klasgenoot
12. man                                                     27. hengst
13. mevrouw                                             28. eend
14. boer                                                    29. vriendin
15. herten/koe                                            30. beer



Masculine-Feminine name calls:
Give the masculine or feminine name calls or vice versa of the following people and animals:
1. opa -                                                          16. zus -
2. ram -                                                          17. kuitvis -
3. bol -                                                           18. kater -
4. apin -                                                         19. moeder -
5. stier -                                                         20. jongen -
6. leraar -                                                       21. leeuwin -
7. kanariepiet -                                              22. haan -
8. bagge -                                                      23. doffer -
9. dar -                                                           24. ooi -
10. studente -                                                25. moervos -
11. echtgenoot -                                            26. klasgenote -
12. vrouw -                                                     27. merrie -
13. meneer -                                                   28. woerd -
14. boerin -                                                     29. vriend -
15. hert -                                                         30. berin -


DUTCH LANGUAGE: Masculine-Feminine name calls (People and animaLs)

Mensen :
Masculine (mannelijk) - Feminine (vrouwelijk) names:
vader - moeder                                                  broer - zus
boer - boerin                                                       vriend - vriendin
man - vrouw                                                        jongen - meisje
leraar - lerares                                                   student - studente
echtgenoot - echtgenote                                   opa - oma
meneer - mevrouw                                             klasgenoot - klasgenote
aap - apin                                                          beer - berin
dar - koningin (bij)                                             beertje - zeugje
beer/rekel - zeugje (das)                                  doffer/kebber - duivin (duif)
woerd - eend                                                      woerhaan - woerhen (fazant)
bok - geit                                                            geertelsel - geervalk (giervalk)
rammelaar - voedster/vooi/moerhaas (haas)         
hert - hinde/hertenkoe                                       ram - ooi      
haan - hen/kloek/klokhen/tiet                           reu/rekel - teef(je)
kanariepiet - pop                                               kater - poes
leeuw - leeuwin                                                 stier - koe
hengst - merrie                                                  stier/bul/bol - koe
beer - zeug/mot (varken)                                  rekel - moer/moervos 
keiler/ever - bagge                                            rekel - wolvin (wolf) 
hommer/hom/gelt - kuiter/kuitvis


About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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