21 October 2009

DuTch TRadiTioN: after GiviNg BiRTh

It is a Dutch tradition to serve biscuit with anise (beschuit met muisjes) to visitors when they come to see the newly born baby.
Right after giving birth the nurse gives biscuit with anise (beschuit met muisjes) to the mother.
Parents send birth cards to friends. Before you come to visit the family you have to call and make appointment. You bring a gift for the baby mostly clothes and flowers for the mother. You will be served this biscuit with anise together with tea or coffee. The mice (muisjes) come in pink or blue.
Anise seeds
The base of the mice (muisjes) is the combination of anise seeds and sugar. Traditionally, the anise seeds and anise oil attributed medicinal properties. Anise was also used in the preparation of food, drink and drugs. So the nurse told the mother that she had to eat because anise would be good for producing milk. Around the 17th century, immediately after delivery anisette is given to the mother. Anise that time had the reputation that the uterus after birth soon could return to the original size, it would also ward off evil spirits.
Muisjes in English it is mice. The anise seeds have small tails that's they relate it to mice.
It was long ago that I prepared this one when I gave birth to my youngest child, thus 5 years ago. I like the taste and smell of the anise seeds. Me and my kids sometimes eat this one, they like it too.
Do you also have some tradition or rituals after giving birth?
Do you think it works?
Do you believe in performing some rituals to ward off evil spirits?
What kind of activity/rituals?

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Ailee Verzosa Thursday, October 22, 2009  

those biscuits looks delicious...

bea trisha Thursday, October 22, 2009  

looks nice!!!

thanks for visiting my site,,
hope you could comment as well..
thanks po!

lina@happy family Saturday, October 24, 2009  

Indonesia also has many tradition after giving birth, but I can't mention here because I don't know it exactly...

Manang Kim Thursday, October 29, 2009  

Wow without you there my dear Faye di gyud ko kabalo ug unsa diay ilang tradition diha. For me it is a very wonderful tradition, here in US I don't think if they have such like that I guess American don't have a tradtion that kind they just visit the newly born baby and the mother and that's it. Thanks for the information it added to my knowledge then. Ciao!

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