29 October 2009


Different cultures, different faces, different people, different food ...
Poffertjes are Dutch small round pancakes. I like poffertjes. I never make poffertjes, I prefer to buy because the taste is the same. You have a special pan to prepare poffertjes. You put butter and then powdered sugar. YUMMY!
My kids love it.

 You can also buy poffertjes.
      or make your own using this poffertjes pan

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Manang Kim Thursday, October 29, 2009  

Hello Faye, that looks so yummy ha. So poffertjes is like pancake diay a smaller version ba? Sa ato ang pancake is called hotcake diba hehe. Anyway, kumusta na ang hows the weather diha. Dire sa MI medyo tugnaw na gyud yesterday and today wala gyud nagpakita ang sun nagtago gyud siya maong medyo tugnaw pero bearable man pod. I just hope nga snow will not come too soon I hate it. Lahi na gyud ning magkatiguwang ta ba kay mag sakit man dayo nang likod gud sa katugnaw hehehe.
Okie dokie my dear have a good happy weekdays and weekend soon. Trick or treat!!!

meri Thursday, October 29, 2009  

Looks yummy! I love pancakes and oooohh this one looks really nice! How I wish to have some.. I am pregnant and the food makes me drool!a

nancy Thursday, October 29, 2009  

hello Faye, seryoso na jud kaayo ka s imong pagka Dutch ba... hehe

hmm, this sounds so simple to do... mas dagahan siguro imong mahimo ug mas economical if you do it on your own :D

dhemz Friday, October 30, 2009  

agoy kalami ani....:)

hehehe, lupad si Akesha diha te kay mag trick or treat sya....:)

unsa man inyo chocs diha te, parehas raba dire sa US?

salamat tuod sa paglabay...karon lang ko nakauli from skul.

Fe Monday, November 02, 2009  

i like that poffertjes, my mother in law sometimes make that, erg lekker!!

nice A Monday, November 02, 2009  

my kids love pancakes glazed with honey. is it only the term which is different? just like what manang kim said in pinas we call it hotcake.

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