30 May 2010

DuTch SaYingS

In Dutch: Hij speelt met zijn tenen. = Hij verveelt zich.
In English: He plays with his toes. = He is bored.

When you get bored, what do you do? I suppose not the same as my son, playing with his toes. LOL!


Your Donations will Change Lives

“Every good act is charity. A man's true wealth hereafter is the good that he does in this world to his fellows.”
Having a good heart is a blessing. Helping other people is unique. Giving or sharing what you have is superb. There are many people who belong to what we called the needy. There are also people with a good heart who want to extend their helping hands to less fortunate, helpless and abandoned people. That is why charity institutions exist. One of the charity institutions which is very active is CarAngel. They help orphans, homeless, teen and adult rehab, as well as prison reform. You can donate a car, boat, plane, house or RV. Your boat and car donations make it possible for them to provide quality material to young children. These are confused, angry, misguided and addicted to drugs kids. They help these kids to gain confident and go back to their family with healthy mind and body.
Your house donations will give shelter to 5,000 homeless youths who sleep on the streets and sidewalks every night.
Your house, car and boat donations will help these youth free of drugs and alcohol; graduate high school and back to their families with wholesome new life with a good vision for their future.
Your donations will really help and change many lives especially the youths who are the future of the country.
The people behind CarAngel will do the hard work like the processing of title transfers, towing etc. Help change the lives of these people, call CarAngel at  1-800-227-2643 to Donate Your Car or fill out the ONLINE CAR DONATION FORM. Do it now!
“May your charity increase as much as your wealth”


24 May 2010

PenTecOsT in HoLLand, ReLiGiouS HoLidAy

Dutch people celebrates Pentecost for two days, yesterday and today.
To the Dutch, Pinkster was a religious holiday, a chance to rest, gather, and celebrate religious services like baptisms and confirmations.

Pentecost is one of the prominent feasts in the Christian liturgical year commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples of Christ.
The feast is also called Whitsun, Whitsunday, Whit Sunday, or Whitsuntide, especially in the United Kingdom and is non-christian in origin.
Pentecost is celebrated seven weeks (50 days) after Easter Sunday, hence its name.
Pentecost falls on the tenth day after Ascension Thursday.

Pentecost is sometimes described as the "Birthday of the Church".


18 May 2010

TuesDay GreeTingS


17 May 2010

LED Lights for Your Cars and Trucks

Nowadays people are becoming more aware of the environment. The emerging of green energy like the use of solar panels, windmills, eco-friendly products are increasingly developed. Led light is one of them. LED light is becoming popular and many people are using it like led Christmas lights, lamps, car lights etc. Light Emitting Diode lights have very favorable properties for much more light to produce at much lower power consumption. Furthermore, they are better able to withstand high current surges and have a life many times higher than a normal bulb. LEDs are better energy efficiency over incandescent bulbs and most halogen bulbs. Saving energy 80% to 90%. Cool light output. No UV or heat energy. They are unbreakable, flexible and long lasting.
CARiD has a huge selections of LED lights for cars and trucks like custom tail lights, altezza lights and 3rd brake lights. They are expertly designed to suite your need and style. You do not have to worry when night and stormy weather come because they give you the maximum light to show the way. Modern cars are now designed to have led lights. Make the back of your vehicle fashionable with custom tail lights by CARiD. The latest lighting technology for the back of your vehicle is here now. For optimal durability along with distinctive reflectors for both safety and fashion. LED provides the radiance for all functions such as braking or turning. Installation is very simple and easy. No hassles in changing your ordinary tail lights to Led lights because there is no vehicle modification. Get the old one out and place the Led lights. No messing with wires. With LED lights you are assured that you send a message every time you foot touches the brake.
Because of this modern technology, you can save money and energy.


15 May 2010

Dandelions are EveRywheRe

Field of Dandelions
Dandelions are everywhere. A dandelion flower head composed of hundreds of smaller florets. They grow everywhere under the trees, in the gardens, etc. They look beautiful but nobody wants them in their gardens. They cover your yard and it is difficult to get rid of these weeds. They keep on coming back. I do not know how to get rid of these weeds. I have a few of them in our backyard.
Annabel was 3 years old.  She blew away the dandelion. Blowing away a dandelion is kids favorite .


13 May 2010

My Health Secret is...

...eating enough healthy food.
I am able to maintain my weight for almost two years now. I always see to it that the food I eat is nutritious. I also eat enough. Three main meals and two snacks per day are enough for me. Pears and cold, crispy Fuji apples are my favorite fruits that I eat when I feel hungry.
Last week I visited one of my old friends. We met three months ago in the shop. She invited me for lunch in their house together with her other friends. She loves cooking. She can cook good food. We ate and ate. One of her friends is on diet. She always brings with her protein supplements like protein bars. Whenever she craves for chocolate, or begin to feel hungry she just grabs the bar from her bag and take a bite. She has been eating this bar for a couple of months. She said it really helped especially when you are weight conscious. She had tried difficult kinds of protein supplements. But she likes this CarbRite Diet Protein Bars.

Maintaining weight is very difficult especially when you are out shopping and see lots of sweets in the store. The most frustrating part of the people who are on diet is that they cannot control their desires when they see food, they crave for.
Are you weight or health conscious?
Have you tried losing weight?
If you did, what was your secret in maintaining your weight or losing those unwanted fats?


BLog ConTest with AmaZing Prizes

In celebration of her first year in blogging and also a way of thanking her friends, Grace of AMAZING GRACE is having a contest with fabulous prizes. Look at these prizes! Are they not amazing?

Are you not eager to have one of these? Want to own one, so join the contest! Please visit her blog, AMAZING GRACE for more details.
YOU ARE VERY WELCOME TO JOIN THE CONTEST. Post your entry now. The contest will end this coming June 15, 2010.
I will try my LUCK, YOU TOO? ;)


12 May 2010

Spend Your Summer Holidays at Myrtle Beach

Two months more to go then it is school vacation. Many people are now busy booking for their summer holidays. Finding the best places to go and hotels to stay are very difficult. You have to consider many things like the hotel accommodations, food, amenities etc. Make sure that all the facilities and services in the hotel where you plan to stay are great. There are so many places where you can spend your holidays like the Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

Seaside Resort is a first-class resort in Myrtle Beach.
You will enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean and Carolina Coast by staying at North Myrtle Beach. You will be amazed of the Myrtle Beach accommodations. The room is huge, it has a separate living and dining rooms. Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, microwave and oven which will help you prepare your favorite food. Watch your favorite TV show in Cable while cooking. To refresh yourself before going to bed, the Jacuzzi bath is there for you. Furthermore you can check your emails anytime with their high speed Internet access.
For Myrtle Beach hotel reservations, please call them at 1-800-433-5710, toll-free in the US and Canada. Online reservation is also available.
Please visit Seaside Resort at http://www.seasidemb.com for more details.


10 May 2010

ThREe ThinGS in LiFe

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back...



What do you think?


09 May 2010

Is Your Home Safe for Your Baby?

How do make your home safe for your baby?
Babies in the first years are relatively safe from accidents, especially if they have no brothers or sisters, because they can only do few things like playing with their hands, feet, stuffed toys and therefore not in danger. Only when they move inward, by sliding using belly or crawl, the risk of accidents is very high.  Here are some basic rules which I did when my kids were babies.
- Never leave your baby alone on a dresser or table, even if you think he still can not turn around.
- Never leave your baby alone in the bath, young children can even drown in very little water.
- No pets inside the baby's room. If ever you have pets make sure to have pet gates. See to it that cats and dogs cannot get into the baby's room or place where baby sleeps, apart from health hazard but also pets may be jealous and hurt the baby.
- Hazardous substances, medicines, cleaning and detergent, perfume, must not in his reach.
- Fireplace. In our first house we had a fireplace in the living room just for decoration. We did not have a fireguard because we seldom make fire. But if you have a fireplace and you use it very often then you must have a fireguard.
These are just few of the rules, you can read more about this on the net.
To help make your house safety for babies please visit KidCo Gates. They have a large and best collection of Child Safety Gates on the market. You can find them at Kidsafeinc.com. Baby gates are often useful for the kitchen or other rooms, you do not need to close the door. You can still  keep an eye to your baby while doing household chores like cooking, cleaning, etc.
Baby accidents can be prevented with the help of these baby safety home gadgets. Eventhough you have all these things, you should still  be careful because baby makes strange moves and accident is just around the corner. Mainly, accidents are caused by negligence of the parents. To prevent accidents, you must not leave your baby unattended.


05 May 2010

Love of His Country

On May 4th, the Dutch hold the Remembrance of the Dead for the people who have fought and died during World War II, and wars in general. People who loved his country and fought for his freedom. In remembering on this day a commemoration is held at the National Monument on the Dam Square participated by the Dutch Royal Family. At exactly 8:00 p.m., two minutes of silence are observed throughout the country.

You see lots of houses that hang the National flag.


02 May 2010


Waar de dijk het laagst is, loop het eerst het water over.


About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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