30 June 2010

10.1 M Dutch Viewers, Netherlands-Slovakia Football Match

A total of 10.1 million Netherlanders who watched the competition Netherlands-Slovakia last Monday. This was published by NOS last Wednesday, based on additional research into the total number of Dutchmen. Tuesday was already announced that averaged 6.1 million viewers at home who have seen the game.  From the 10.1 million Oranje supporters who saw the broadcast, the 1.6 million people witnessed the game on the big screen elsewhere like in the restaurants or at work.


29 June 2010


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28 June 2010

The Dutch Football Team Against Slovakia

The Dutch football team will play again this afternoon at 4 P.M. (Netherlands time) against Slovakia. They already won the three matches against Cameroon 1:2, Japan 0:1, Denmark 0:2.



Can Dry Eye Complicate Lasik?

Stahl Eye Center conducted detailed studies on Restasis for Lasik patients. Today they announced a new scientific study on the effect of RESTASIS Ophthalmic Emulsion on patients undergoing laser vision correction. Participants in the study will be treated with the medication twice a day for a month, including right after surgery, to permanently improve visual acuity. Restasis is more commonly indicated to treat Dry Eye Syndrome by increasing the eyes’ natural ability to produce tears.
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27 June 2010

The Fourth or Last Day of AVONDVIERDAAGSE

Finally the last day of AVONDVIERDAAGSE.
After four successive evenings of hiking, on June 24 was the last day of the AVONDVIERDAAGSE. The theme of the day was, wear something orange because that evening our Dutch football team will play against Cameroon and we won with 2-1.

 A short break
And the last 2.5 kms.
Our Medals
These are our second medals because last year we also participated in the AVONDVIERDAAGSE.
To culminate the Avondvierdaagse the school hired a band. The band met us halfway going back to school. Snacks and drinks were served.
I do not know if we will do it next year.


26 June 2010

Sweet Blog Award

Analou of "The Shadows of Our Past and Silhouette of Our Future" gave me this award.
Lou, thank you so much for this award. You pamper me this time with awards. They are always welcome.

Here are the sweet rules:

1. Pass it to 10 Sweet people.
2. Inform them about this award.
3. Link back the one who gave this award.

I will pass this Sweet Award to my friends who often visit my blogs and always leave their footprints.
This is my way of thanking you GUYS for visiting my blogs. HAVE A NICE SATURDAY!


25 June 2010

Does Vacheval Still Exist?

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.
Do you know something about this animal Vacheval?
Vacheval is an animal cross between a cow and a horse.  I never saw and heard this kind of animal until I saw a video. This video shows on what vacheval can do.

The modern transportations like planes, speed trains, buses and more have increased the level of CO2 in the atmosphere. Today, CO2 concentrations worldwide average about 380 ppm. Compared to former geologic periods, concentrations of CO2 in our atmosphere are still very small and may not have a statistically measurable effect on global temperatures. To reduce CO2, a farm just outside Leuven in Belgium reared a new animal, the Vacheval. A strange animal which is reared as new form of CO2 reducing transportation.
Alain du Monde, an eco extraordinaire who worked for Belgique Television at that time, recalls the Vacheval; “The Vacheval were magnificent, they were not only eco but they were chic too, those behind the Vacheval were clearly visionary in recognizing the future environmental issues facing man-kind” he says.
No one knows whether they actually exist today. There are rumors they all now live on a special retreat in the Alps, while some say they fled Europe in search of work. With little records of their existence, who knows what actually happened to the Vacheval?
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It's Friday!

How's your Friday?


School Lockers Are SAfe

The school of my children does not have lockers. The children in every level have a small room where they can put their things. The school provides each pupil with a big plastic bag or a box where he can put his things like bag, umbrella, coat or shoes. He hangs the bag on a wall hanger. I think the school should find a way to put some lockers in the aisle or a locker room so that the stupid children cannot just pick the things from their classmates.
School lockers are safe. They also make the school tidy compare to wall hangers. The children can put their bulky winter jacket, books, bags and more. The perfect lockers for my kids' school will be large enough  and a hook inside on which to hang a jacket. The school might be able to purchase smaller storage lockers and still accommodate their students' needs. There are so many locker sizes and designs which will fit the area where you put them.  
I find it untidy seeing those bags hanging on the wall. I would prefer that each student/pupil should have a locker to keep their valuable things.



Assembly area: Kemphaan Almere

A short break for 10 minutes.

Get up and walk the next 2.5 kms.


To Take Lasik Or Not

My sister in Canada has just bought new pair of eyeglasses but she does not like it. She feels uncomfortable wearing eyeglasses. She is planning to have Lasik but she is confused and have many questions in mind. While surfing on the net I found this informative website which gives advice to individuals in deciding whether to take Lasik or not. USAEyes is a website which guides those who wanted to correct their lenses through Lasik. It answers all the confusions about this famous surgical operation of the cornea. The USAEyes complies with the Health On The Net code standard for trustworthy health information. A US Congressional subcommittee cited USAEyes as a reliable source of Lasik information.
I will ask her to visit this website. It is very informative. I am absolutely sure that this information will enlighten her mind and answer all her confusions.


23 June 2010

Second Day, Avondvierdaagse

These are our pictures on the second day of AVONDVIERDAAGSE.

We had a 10-minute break.
More pictures...


What Is PD?

What is PD?
PD stands for Pupillary Distance. This is the distance between the center of your pupils in each eye and that is measured in millimeters. Corrected lens eyeglasses cannot be made without PD. It is used to position the optical center of the lens when it is made so that you will be able to see easily through the eyeglasses. No PD for you from Opticians, then you can request a friend to measure your PD. You can learn more on how to get your PD at Zennioptical.com. Zenni: the #1 online eyeglasses store, where you can find lots of prescription eyeglasses. They also give advice on what to do to get the right eyeglasses you need.
The correct PD is particularly important for a multi-focal lens, as there are multiple viewing fields which are adjusted on the basis of the PD supplied.


21 June 2010

Avondvierdaagse, A Sport Activity

Avondvierdaagse is one of the Dutch traditions. This evening at 6 p.m. begins the avondvierdaagse. The school of my kids organizes this avondvierdaagse. It is a sport activity. Four successive evenings of  hiking, singing, making fun with your friends from the class, sport clubs and organizations. There are two groups. One group will hike for five kms. and the other is ten kms. Every year and school organize AVONDVIERDAAGSE. Kids and parents are invited to join this activity. Annabel and I will walk for the 5 kms. Kevin is lazy. He does not like hiking. He prefers to go with his bike. He will stay at home with his papa. I hope that I will not have muscle pains tomorrow.

Last year's avondvierdaagse.


Free iPod Touch From Charter

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20 June 2010

PAPA, You Are The BEST!


Wanna Hear A Dutch Song?

van Marco Borsato

In de verte spreekt een stem
Die ik herken van onze ruzies
Over kleine misverstanden
Over grote desillusies
En ik hoor de kille klanken
Van jouw ingehouden woede
Maar wat kan ik meer dan janken

Als ik dit niet kon vermoeden
In een waas hoor ik je zeggen
Dat je alles op wilt geven
Dat je alles met je meeneemt
Wat me lief is in dit leven
En ik luister hoe jouw woorden
Langzaam opgaan in de zinnen
Die me treffen als een bliksem
Met vernietigende kracht

Deze kilte maakt me gek
En dit gevoel is angstaanjagend
Maar je woorden malen verder
En m'n ogen kijken vragend
Waarom zei je mij niet eerder
Dat je zo van me vervreemd was
Waarom sprak je over liefde
Als je nooit van mij gehouden hebt
Ik verlies het van de wanhoop
En ik voel m'n tranen branden
En ik zou niets liever willen
Dan m'n hoofd weer in jouw handen
Maar wat tot een uur geleden
Nog zo veilig heeft geleken
Is 'n hele grote leugen
En 'n kaartenhuis gebleken

Het is net of iemand anders
In jouw lichaam is gekropen
En ik heb niet eens gemerkt
Dat ie naar binnen is geslopen
Om jouw liefde uit te wissen
En m'n wereld te vernielen
Wil er niemand me vertellen
Dat ik alles heb gedroomd...


19 June 2010

Is Your Website Safe?

My other blog has already a domain name. I can tell the differences between a free hosted site and a hosted site. If you want to make money through your website you must have your website hosted by a website hosting. Advertisers want to advertise on hosted sites.
Website hosting companies nowadays are very competitive. To make it attractive to customers, companies give extra features of their products and services. There are hundreds of website hosting providers to choose from. You must first read reviews, surf on the net and gather the right information about the web site hosting companies which offer the best. Compare the prices per year and the services each company offers.
The advantages of having your website hosted are:
* It is always accessible, day and night
* Safe, your website is housed in a highly secure data center.
* Fast connection, the data center is directly linked to various Internet exchanges.
Your domain represents your business identity. It gives a professional image of your business. It is very easy for people or clients to remember website names. They do not need to write it down.
If you want to be updated about the latest trends, features and changes of the website hosting you may read the article from webhostingfan.com.
I am planning to have this blog hosted but I am still looking for the best provider.


Wanna Hear a DuTch Song?


Ik laat vandaag de mensen lachen
tot de nacht zal komen
heerlijk dromen dat jij hier bent
en ik jou kan voelen
naar jou kan lachen
voelt alsof ik zonder
veel te leeg en veel te kil ben
en niet echt meer adem
ga vandaag een berg beklimmen
en de top bereiken
met jou in m'n hart
waar ik jou wilt houden
vast wil houden
ik ben bang dat ik straks zonder
veel te klein en veel te kil ben
en me niet kan vinden
zou vandaag de storm bedwingen
en dan laten razen
tot ze stil is met jou bij mij kan ik alles
wil ik alles en ik weet dat ik straks zonder
veel te klein en niks meer waard ben
en geen dag meer door kan

Dat komt door jou
dat komt gewoon door jou
je hart zit heel dicht bij mij
jou hart zit heel diep in mij

Ik wil vandaag de lucht versieren
en haar kleuren geven
en net zo mooi zijn zoals jij
en ik roep de regen
en de zonnestraal en ik fluister dat ik zonder
heel alleen een heel klein mens ben
en geen weg kan vinden
ik zal vandaag een liedje schrijven
en ze woorden geven
die van jou alleen voor jou zijn
zing je zacht met me mee
onze woorden en ik weet dat ik straks zonder
veel te bang en veel te min ben
en niet door wil zingen
ik ga vandaag van alles kunnen
tot de dag voorbij is
en ik weet dat ik maar 1 ding wil
dat je mee gaat met mij
bij me blijven want ik weet dat ik straks zonder
niets meer wil en niets meer kan
dan alleen maar huilen

Dat komt door jou
dat komt gewoon door jou
je hart zit heel dicht bij mij
je hart zit heel diep in mij
dat komt door jou
jou oogverblindend zijn
je hart zit heel dicht bij mij
je hart zit heel diep in mij

Als ik vandaag de dag met jou mag
zo 1 die zacht voorbij gaat
terwijl de wereld weg lijkt en ik naar je kijk
naar jou blijf lachen voelt het soms alsof het wonder
veel te mooi en veel te groot is
en nooit bestaan heeft
als ik vannacht een nacht mag
zo 1 die zacht voorbij glijd
alsof de wereld weg lijkt en ik naar je kijk
naar jou blijf lachen voelt het weer alsof het wonder
veel te mooi en veel te groot is
en nooit terug keert

Als ik de dag en nacht met jou mag
en die 2 voorbij gaan
terwijl heel de wereld weg kijkt
dan hou ik je vast
en we zweven voelt het nog alsof het wonder
veel te mooi en veel te groot is
te mooi voor mij is

Dat komt door jou
dat komt gewoon door jou
je hart zit heel dicht bij mij
je hart zit heel diep in mij
dat komt door jou
jou oogverblindend zijn
jou hart zit heel diep in mij
jou hart zit heel diep in mij

Dat komt door jou
Dat komt door jou


16 June 2010

Vuvuzela On The iPhone

Vuvuzela is extremely popular on the iPhone

There is a lot of complaints about the African horn the vuvuzela which makes an irritating noise, but on the iPhone the vuvuzela is very popular. Over one million people have the sound on their Apple phone.
Especially for the FIFA World Cup, a Dutch company has designed a vuvuzela-app. The program comes in over 50 countries in the top 10 most popular download from Apple's iTunes. The sound, according to the designers is so horrible that it is actually great.


15 June 2010

Paradise 8 Casino

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14 June 2010

Dutch Football Team Won Against Denmark 2-0

The Orange team, we call it in Dutch beats Denmark 2-0. In the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg was it 2-0. Simon Poulsen scored just after the break in his own goal, Kuyt made it six minutes before the final whistle with 2-0.
First own goal
The first goal finally came immediately after the start of the second half. In the 46th minute it was 1-0 for Holland by an own goal from the Dane Simon Poulsen who attempted a rescue of Van Persie heads away. It was the first own goal of this World Cup.
Dirk Kuyt makes it from 2-0
The final was 2-0 six minutes before the final whistle of Dirk Kuyt. Elija scoot the ball initially on target but bounced off the post. And then Kuyt tapped the ball into the net.
The first points were in. Congratulations guys, you played a great game today!


We are Ready for the FIFA World Cup 2010

Are you?
Two weeks  ago we received a small note from our neighbors if we could join them in decorating our street. Last week one of our neighbors came and asked if he could tie the rope in our terrace in the third floor. My husband had helped them. When the garbage truck came to pick up the garbage the following day, the truck broke the rope because it was hanged too low. There are only few flags left. Some of our neighbors did not like to have such decorations. The other street has better and more flags than we have.
The Dutch Football Team will play this afternoon at 1:30 P.M. (Netherlands time) against Denmark. Big cities like Amsterdam, etc. put a wide screen t.v. so that the fans can watch the game.
Wish the Dutch Team a BIG GOOD LUCK!!!


13 June 2010

Casino Lovers

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The Philippine Independence Day Celebration in the Netherlands with Randy Santiago

Philippine Independence Day, June 12, 2010
The biggest Filipino event of the year.

( a short speech from the Amsbassador)
The Filipino communities in the Netherlands celebrate Philippine Independence every year. We do it with a barbeque picnic.
We went to the Independence Day celebration in Spaarnwoude Park.
Many had brought tents and barbeque stands. It was eating the whole day and enjoying the show.
The ambassador gave a short speech. I did not see it because I was busy roaming around looking for something to buy. But I went home with nothing. The highlight of the program was Randy Santiago. It was my first time to see Randy in person. I thought he was a tall guy but to my surprise he is just the same as many Filipinos. I took lots of pictures because I had the chance to come closer to the stage. Here are the pictures:
Randy gave a nice show.

It was nice to meet old friends and enjoying the day barbecuing.


12 June 2010

How Do You Defend Yourself?

There was a major search done by the police in our place. They were looking for a guy wearing a brown leather jacket in a scooter who pushed a girl off her bike. The girl managed to escape and went home safely. The suspect was the same guy who molested seven women last week in the nearby neighborhood. He also abused a ten year old girl. On the search the police officers even used a helicopter. The guy on the scooter is nowhere to find. The agents keep a close eye on the guy and our place.
Me and my kids used to walk on a quiet path under the trees going to school. The school is ten minutes walk from our home. Prior to this event, I started training my kids to go home alone from school. My daughter is nine and my son is six years old. When the news broke about this guy, I immediate told my kids not to go home alone. They should wait for me. I was scared about this news. The other night I thought of a self-defense mechanism. If I encountered this kind of situation how could I defend myself. I was thinking about pepper spray or stun guns but  where I could buy them. While surfing on the net, I found many shops like safetygirl.com selling emergency kits. Pepper spray and stun guns are the most popular products. Can you suggest other products or tips to interact this kind of situation? Have you ever think about this situation will happen to you? What should you advise to your children when someone attacks them?


08 June 2010

DUTCH Proverbs

Van een mug een olifant maken. - Een kleine zaak overdreven groot voorstellen.
means To make an elephant out of a mosquito.
Some people make small situations excessively large which is not needed. They can speak exaggeratedly or boastfully about things. These people react extremely to situations which can be handled normally. So, do not make an elephant out of a mosquito.


07 June 2010

Your Dodge Magnum Deserves Better

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Dodge Magnum accessories from CARiD.com will give your Dodge the custom look that will make him different from the rest.
CARiD defines your DodGe Magnum´s True Identity.


06 June 2010

The Smallest Pancakes

At last I made my own poffertjes. I have just made small pancakes. In Dutch we call it POFFERTJES. Butter and powdered sugar on top makes it yummy. My kids really love it. The ingredients are flour, crystal sugar, butter, powdered sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, fresh milk/water and of course the poffertjes maker/pan.

With ice cold cola, ohhh!!!


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I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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