25 June 2010

School Lockers Are SAfe

The school of my children does not have lockers. The children in every level have a small room where they can put their things. The school provides each pupil with a big plastic bag or a box where he can put his things like bag, umbrella, coat or shoes. He hangs the bag on a wall hanger. I think the school should find a way to put some lockers in the aisle or a locker room so that the stupid children cannot just pick the things from their classmates.
School lockers are safe. They also make the school tidy compare to wall hangers. The children can put their bulky winter jacket, books, bags and more. The perfect lockers for my kids' school will be large enough  and a hook inside on which to hang a jacket. The school might be able to purchase smaller storage lockers and still accommodate their students' needs. There are so many locker sizes and designs which will fit the area where you put them.  
I find it untidy seeing those bags hanging on the wall. I would prefer that each student/pupil should have a locker to keep their valuable things.

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I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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