18 July 2011

Oh! FaCeBooK FRiEnDs

Welcome to Facebook...
Where love stories are perfect.
Where shit talkers tell the truth.
Where everyone brags they have the perfect life and claim to be in love with their partners.
Where your enemies are the ones that visit your profile the most.
Where your ex-friends block you.
Where your ex-love unfriends you.
Where you post something and people interpret whatever the hell they want.

I like the sentence: Where everyone brags they have the perfect life.
I have nothing to show off because I live in a simple life.

Which sentence do you think funny and true?

Facebook is a very good social networking where you can find your long lost friends. But as mentioned above, it is very sad to say that some of your friends misinterpret whatever things you posted.

6 smart remarks:

chie Monday, July 18, 2011  

hehehe..all the lines sound so true to me except I don't brag about my perfect life..instead i brag how messy my life is hehehe..

i like this lines the most:
Where your ex-love unfriends you
Where your enemies are the ones that visit your profile the most

Khim Tuesday, July 19, 2011  

hehehe! most of it kay sakto man...walay perfect life oj bisan asa pa tah ibutang....or it never been a life if it´s perfect.
kong enemies nako..I never think to know about there lifes...salamat nalang ala ko enimies..hehehe!

Sarah Wednesday, July 20, 2011  

Sounds great...friends are great and enemies? we learn to love them as well...
Missed visiting here, Faye...

analou Wednesday, July 20, 2011  

well said Faye. I hate to say this but when a friend tells u that she wants to divorce her husband because of this and that.....and she posted a message in her facebook wall that she loves her husband so much and her marriage is perfect....that's is absolutely ridiculous....Haaaayyyy sometimes I just shook my head and said..whatever..

Kumusta naman pod ka diha Faye? Ako dire medyo busy and beauty.

Fe Thursday, July 21, 2011  

halo fey, yup naa ko NL napud. sure makavisit na jud ko dha sa inyo pohon... g add baya ka nako sa fb, wla pa na accept nimo...

bbtoo Thursday, July 21, 2011  

This is so true. They just bragging what they have in life. duh! I don't care :-) Have a nice day dear

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