04 July 2011

Football Club

He wants to join in a football club.
My son is a football fanatic. He wants to take football lessons. Playing football with his friends is his favorite thing to do after school and weekends. He prefers to play football rather than going with us to somewhere else. His friends are having football lessons once a week. He has full of energy in playing the game. We are worried about the ways he plays. He does not look at the other players, if he sees the ball. He goes for the ball and kick it very hard without thinking whether the ball goes to the goal or hits other players. But most of the time the ball goes to the goal. He should learn techniques in playing football. We are still looking for a good football club in the neighborhood. Just like other kids, he is inspired by our national football team. They play very good.

I was on a birthday party when the Netherlands football team had to play for the European cup elimination. One of the guests asked me if I wanted to bet. "No" I answered. I have never done sports betting. I do not know how to bet. She told me that there are many tips online on  how to bet on sports. Surf and you can find many sites which will give you ideas on sports betting. I know about online sports betting. There are many famous people like Al Pacino, Rene Russo, etc. who are into sports betting online. They do that as a hobby and some to earn a living.
Me and my family watch football matches if our national team plays to support them. Certainly, my son will remind me not to miss the game.

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About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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