03 July 2010

Laser Eye Surgery

Do you want to know more about the eye laser surgery?
USAEyes is the answer to this question. They are the reliable source of Lasik information. Their representatives have testified before the FDA. USAEyes does not leave their patients behind. They have an interactive Internet bulletin board where Lasik patients can post questions and received researched answers both before surgery and after. For detailed information about Lasik please visit USAEyes.org

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busy mom Saturday, July 03, 2010  

I had lasik done at age 39. I did it before I turned 40, like everything it changes somewhat after you hit 40.
I have had it done now for about 3 years, I really enjoy how much clearer I can see now. I would do it all over again. I have friends that have used other dr. for theirs and are not happy but I went to dr. christianbury in charlotte, nc . They are the best. IT is worth every penny!

About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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