09 May 2010

Is Your Home Safe for Your Baby?

How do make your home safe for your baby?
Babies in the first years are relatively safe from accidents, especially if they have no brothers or sisters, because they can only do few things like playing with their hands, feet, stuffed toys and therefore not in danger. Only when they move inward, by sliding using belly or crawl, the risk of accidents is very high.  Here are some basic rules which I did when my kids were babies.
- Never leave your baby alone on a dresser or table, even if you think he still can not turn around.
- Never leave your baby alone in the bath, young children can even drown in very little water.
- No pets inside the baby's room. If ever you have pets make sure to have pet gates. See to it that cats and dogs cannot get into the baby's room or place where baby sleeps, apart from health hazard but also pets may be jealous and hurt the baby.
- Hazardous substances, medicines, cleaning and detergent, perfume, must not in his reach.
- Fireplace. In our first house we had a fireplace in the living room just for decoration. We did not have a fireguard because we seldom make fire. But if you have a fireplace and you use it very often then you must have a fireguard.
These are just few of the rules, you can read more about this on the net.
To help make your house safety for babies please visit KidCo Gates. They have a large and best collection of Child Safety Gates on the market. You can find them at Kidsafeinc.com. Baby gates are often useful for the kitchen or other rooms, you do not need to close the door. You can still  keep an eye to your baby while doing household chores like cooking, cleaning, etc.
Baby accidents can be prevented with the help of these baby safety home gadgets. Eventhough you have all these things, you should still  be careful because baby makes strange moves and accident is just around the corner. Mainly, accidents are caused by negligence of the parents. To prevent accidents, you must not leave your baby unattended.

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