26 April 2010

The Philippine Jeep

Jeep is already a part of the Filipino culture. People from all corners of the Philippines like students, teachers, pickpockets, construction workers etc. ride on jeeps.
The US military left this kind of transportation during the World War 11. From that military jeeps Filipino make some changes like painting it with bright colors and put some ornamentals. Jeeps are our means of transportation in the city and some remote areas. Jeep comes in different models like sarao, pasajero, and tamaraw and many more. There are 12 and 8 seats jeeps. You can only see jeeps in the Philippines. Filipinos manufacture jeeps but most of the jeep accessories are bought outside the country.

Some jeeps are overloaded especially when the jeeps transport products and people from remote areas to the city. The driver overloads the jeep because of the distance. He can make more money in a trip if he will overload it. You, as commuter, you do not have a choice if the driver overloads the jeep. It is very frightening riding on an overloaded jeep.
I had once an unforgettable experience riding on a jeep. It was around ten o'clock in the morning. I took a jeep going to the construction site where our house was constructed. It was not a rush hour anymore. There were only few passengers in the jeep. Two guys sat opposite me were very busy talking. A guy sat next to these two guys had cellphone in his pocket. These two guys were pickpockets. They played some game or tricks inside the jeep to divert passengers attention. One pickpocket talked to the prospect and the other tried to get the cellphone from his pocket. When the pickpocket had the cellphone, he jumped off while the jeep was running. The guy tried to run after the pickpocket but everybody told him not to do, since you cannot win against these people. Right after when the jeep had to stop to pick up a passenger the other pickpocket got off. It was the worst experience I ever had. So, beware when you ride on a jeep in the Philippines. Many unexpected events may happen.

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analou Tuesday, April 27, 2010  

I agree my friend. I had also an unforgettable experience riding in a jeepney. We went to my co-worker's house which is in a remote area and the road is not pave and the rain poured hard the night before we went there. The road had huge holes and every time the jeepney run into that hole, it seemed like my life will end any time soon...That's very scary especially that the jeepney is overloaded with people and goods......

ian Tuesday, April 27, 2010  

Interesting piece on the Philippine jeepney. Sorry about your sad pickpocket experience.

If I may just clarify some points:
1- Most, if not all of the accessories of Philippine jeepneys are made here in our country- the flaps, lights, tire guards, signages, etc. The steel and the engine are usually imported from Japan but the accessories are definitely not bought outside the country, most definitely not from the advertised link in your web post. The "jeep" referred to in that web advertisement is more related to the Jeep Cherokee or Land Rover. In effect, either the link is erroneous as regards the Filipino jeep or you ought to have talked about Jeep the SUV as a possible partner for the items sold in the website.

2- The jeepney driver in many remote areas does not overload his jeepneys because he simply wants to make more money per trip; there is simply a lack of jeepneys plying the route so he feels he has no choice but to accommodate any and all people, animals, veggies, etc that need to be transported. The article somehow vilifies the driver when in fact he is actually doing a favor for the commuters. While not entirely safe, what can he do but acquiesce to their requests given the lack of transportation in many areas?

3- lastly, again, sorry about your sad experience with pickpockets. but i guess it is also incumbent upon you to explain that these events do happen, but they happen far and between, lest they get the imagery that the Philippines is a land of muggers. i'm not one to mask the truth but i'm also an advocate for fair PR of one's country =]


Zamrud Wednesday, April 28, 2010  

It's nice article n I interesting in you who has dutch husband. did you have trouble by your life around there, n did you have live forever there? Greetings from INA

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