20 April 2010

Annoying Insects

Have you seen bedbugs?
In my homeland, we have insects and see them everywhere like bugs, ants, bees, flies and many more. Maybe it is because of the weather. There is very hot. You cannot leave food on the table because of the ants and flies. Flies are very irritating and dirty. During dinner time hundreds of flies flying around seeking for a nice food to land. But still many people eat street food. It is very unhygienic.
Another insects are the bedbugs. Here are bed bug pictures.
Bedbugs are bloodsucking insects. They are normally active at night just before dawn, and are capable of feeding unnoticed on their hosts. They reach their host by walking, or sometimes climb the walls to the ceiling and drop down on feeling a heat wave. In the daytime, bedbugs hide in mattress seams and interiors, bed frames, nearby furniture, carpeting, baseboards, inner walls and tiny wood holes etc. Bedbugs are carried by human and animals.
I was once bitten by these insects. I visited a friend of mine to their house. They had this rattan furniture. We sat on it. When I was home I noticed a red spot and it was itchy. I began to scratch. I immediately changed my clothes and took a shower because there was a tendency that I carried them. I smeared some menthol cream just to relief the itchiness. Bedbugs are annoying. They are harmless but no one likes them just like the other insects.
What should you do if you are bitten by bedbugs?
How to get rid of them?

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Skeeper Saturday, April 24, 2010  

insects can really be annoying sometimes.

Just the other night, i was already sleeping when i started to feel itchy on my back and found out that little ants are marching on top of my bed sheet. i was really alramed that i felt soooo itchy.

gosh. lesson learned: check the bed before sleeping

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