17 September 2011

Holland's Got Talent Winner 2011

During the exciting and sensational liveshow,  Aliyah got 35% public's votes and was the winner of Holland's Got Talent 2011.

The task of the judges Gordon, Patricia Paay and Dan Karaty that night was only to give advice to the audience whom to vote for.
There were three possible winners. It was very difficult to choose. The competition was very close. The top three performers were very good. Patricia Paay invited the Pop'arazzi Crew and acrobat Boy to her jubilee party on October 15 and Dan Karaty for the time with a teardrop watching the performance of the Pop'arazzi Crew. The act was really impressive and superb. The dance act landed on the 4th place.
The Top Three
The 11-yr. old Aliyah who sung the greatest song of Whitney Housten (I Who Got Nothing) was the night's favourite performer. Aliyah received a brand new car. "How could Aliyah used it she did not have a license yet. She has to wait for 7 yrs. to ride it. :) ". The splendid act of the acrobat Boy received a big support from the audience. Opera Familia, who have amazing voice got the third place. The judges and audience were very satisfied of the result.

It is very nice to know that a new star is born. Congratulations! Aliyah.
It was very difficult to choose because the contestants had different talents. Maybe next time  they could narrow down the criteria that there will be no singing and dancing contestants because there are already Ex Factor, My Name Is... and The Voice of Holland for singing contest; I THINK YOU CAN DANCE for the dance contest. You cannot create a good, valid and fair criteria if the contestants show different performances/acts.
Pop'arazzi Crew for me, the best dancers ever. But anyway, CONGRATULATIONS! to the top three.

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Irene Thursday, September 22, 2011  

She's amazing little girl! :-)

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