20 January 2010

An Old Friend

Nowadays there are so many ways to look beautiful like having lipo, nose lift, breast enlargement and reduction, eyelid surgery, etc. Liposuction was the first cosmetic surgery I heard when I was a kid. The most popular area before was the abdomen. Actresses had it first but now ordinary people can afford it.
Talking about cosmetic surgery and its popularity this time, my old friend had a nose lift. When I visited my family, I heard from my sister that one of my elementary classmates  had a nose lift. I reacted wow!, she did? My sister told me that she did not recognize my classmate anymore. She looked different in a positive way. I was surprised because my classmate before was a very naive and shy girl. I was happy for her. They had a long conversation, my classmate asked about me and my family. Their conversation ended up inviting each other. She is married to a seaman but they do not have kids. I can imagine if one has no kids so she has to find way to make her busy and spend her money. She doesn't have hobbies. Her time is spent 100 percent for herself and her husband who seldom goes home.
I want to try brow lift someday because that rejuvenates your entire face. It will change the whole expression of your face to a brighter and more relaxed look. I am very curious.
Have you tried any simple cosmetic surgeries like nose lift, face lift or eyelid surgery?

About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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