30 October 2009

I can'T beliEvE This, from pageRank 0 to 3

What a weekend blessing!
I am so happy... very happy. Last week I checked  my page rank, I was very disappointed because I had 0. But what a surprise when I checked my page rank  from 0 to 3. Can you imagine that? I have checked three times at google Page rank. It is really PAGE RANK 3, I am really surprised!
When I open my blog I first look at the chatbox and then the LIVE TRAFFIC FEED. There you can see your visitors. I see my visitors from different countries. My visitors are not just bloggers but people want to know about the Netherlands.
Just want to share what I did which I think the reasons why I have pageRank 3.
- you should index your blog to different search engines like google, yahoo ( I have just indexed my blog to yahoo) etc.
- update your blog more often
- visit other blogs more often and leave comments if you have time or if you find interesting post
- be honest and nice. say good things about others blogs. In that way you left with nice footprints. In return they will visit you back.
- must be INTERESTING. the post must be interesting for the visitors that they keep on coming back
- internal and external links. link your post within your blog or other interesting and related links.
So, write post which is interesting and educational or which you think many people are interested to google.


29 October 2009


Different cultures, different faces, different people, different food ...
Poffertjes are Dutch small round pancakes. I like poffertjes. I never make poffertjes, I prefer to buy because the taste is the same. You have a special pan to prepare poffertjes. You put butter and then powdered sugar. YUMMY!
My kids love it.

 You can also buy poffertjes.
      or make your own using this poffertjes pan


25 October 2009


Every last Sunday of October begins the winter time: the end of the summer time. If it is winter, the clock is set one hour backward, instead of 3 in the morning that will be 2 a.m.
The "winter" is actually the normal time and lasts five months. In transition to winter time the daylight period switches an hour back which make in the morning earlier light and in the evening earlier dark. In the Netherlands the distinction between summer and winter time is  reintroduced in 1977: from 1916 to 1945 was also the summer time  reinforced .

The setting of the time is based on the position of the sun, its daylight.
Welcome Winter Time! :(


21 October 2009

DuTch TRadiTioN: after GiviNg BiRTh

It is a Dutch tradition to serve biscuit with anise (beschuit met muisjes) to visitors when they come to see the newly born baby.
Right after giving birth the nurse gives biscuit with anise (beschuit met muisjes) to the mother.
Parents send birth cards to friends. Before you come to visit the family you have to call and make appointment. You bring a gift for the baby mostly clothes and flowers for the mother. You will be served this biscuit with anise together with tea or coffee. The mice (muisjes) come in pink or blue.
Anise seeds
The base of the mice (muisjes) is the combination of anise seeds and sugar. Traditionally, the anise seeds and anise oil attributed medicinal properties. Anise was also used in the preparation of food, drink and drugs. So the nurse told the mother that she had to eat because anise would be good for producing milk. Around the 17th century, immediately after delivery anisette is given to the mother. Anise that time had the reputation that the uterus after birth soon could return to the original size, it would also ward off evil spirits.
Muisjes in English it is mice. The anise seeds have small tails that's they relate it to mice.
It was long ago that I prepared this one when I gave birth to my youngest child, thus 5 years ago. I like the taste and smell of the anise seeds. Me and my kids sometimes eat this one, they like it too.
Do you also have some tradition or rituals after giving birth?
Do you think it works?
Do you believe in performing some rituals to ward off evil spirits?
What kind of activity/rituals?


15 October 2009

AnSweRs ExerCise 11, prepositions

DUTCH LANGUAGE: prepositions
Exercise 11, prepositions

1. van 8 uur tot 15 uur                16. bij/met ons
2. naast/achte/voor de deur       17. in/naast/op/voor de kooi
3. tijdens de vergadering            18. onder/naast/voor auto
4. aan de muur                           19. van gisteren
5. na/tijdens de donder               20. vanaf elf uur
6. bij/naast/voor/achter de supermarkt  21. op het aanrecht
7. de een na de ander                22. op het briefje
8. tijdens/na/voor de les            23. in Almere
9. regel na regel                         24. met/bij jou
10. een gebreek aan                   25. aan het plafond
11. om welke reden                   26. oog om oog
12. de tijd is om                        27. onder andere
13. met de post                         28. een zak met/van geld
14. met of zonder                     29. in het weekend
15. binnen een week                 30. twee bij drie meter


EXERCISE 11, prepositions

DUTCH LANGUAGE: prepositions
Give the correct prepositions:
example: ____ tafel - aan tafel, op tafel, onder de tafel, achter de tafel
1. van 8 uur ___15 uur                  16. ______ ons
2. _____ de deur                           17. ______de kooi
3._____ de vergadering                  18. ______de auto
4. _____de muur                           19. _______gisteren
5. ______ de donder                      20._______elf uur
6._______de supermarkt                21. ______het aanrecht
7. de een ___de ander                    22._____ het briefje
8. ______de les                             23. ______ Almere
9. regel ___ regel                           24._______ jou
10. een gebrek ___                        25. ______het plafond
11. ______welke reden                  26. oog____oog
12. de tijd is _____                        27. _____andere
13. _____de post                           28. een zak ____geld
14. ______of zonder                      29. ___ het weekend
15. ______een week                      30. twee ___drie meter


DUTCH LANGUAGE: prepositions

Prepositions (voorzetsels) - links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence
aan - on, at, in                
              aan tafel - at the table
              rijk aan - rich in, abundant in
              aan de muur - on the wall
              aan het plafond - on the ceiling
              aan zee - at the seaside
              aan de linkerkant - on the left-hand side
achter - behind, after, at the rear of, back of, beyond, down
             achter het huis - behind the house
             schrijf M.D. achter je naam - write M.D. after your name
afgezien van - apart from, except for      
             afgezien daarvan - apart from that
             afgezien van mijn zus - apart from my sister
aldus/volgens - according to
             aldus de president - according to the president
als - as                            
               als kind - as a child
behalve - except (for)        
              behalve in de zomer - except in the summer
              behalve mijn moeder - except (for) my mother
bij - by, near, at                
              vlak bij het huis - near the huis
              bij het ontbijt - at breakfast
              bij honderden - by the hundreds
binnen - within in(inside)   
              binnen het huis - inside the house
              binnen een week - within a week
boven - above, over         
              hij is boven de 50 - he is over fifty
         je vliegt boven Hongkong - you fly over Hongkong
buiten - out of, beyond     
              buiten gevaar - out of danger
              buiten my competentie - beyond my competence
dank zij - thanks to          
              dank zij jou - thanks to you
              door - through, by, during    
              door de week - during the week
              door heel Nederland - throughout Holland
              het is door haar geschreven - it was written by her
in - in, into, inside, at      
               in de kast - inside, in the cabinet
               in het weekend - at the weekend
              vertaal dit in het Frans - translate this into French
langs - along, past, via      
              langs het kanaal - along the canal
             ik reed langs jouw huis - I drove past your house
            langs een andere route - via another route
met - with, by, in, to, at, 
            met de post - by mail
            met ons - with us
            met dit weer - in this weather
            met potlood schrijven - to write in pencil
            met Pasen - at Easter
na - after, next to, following, next
            na het avondeten - after dinner
            de een na de ander - one after another
            na het schoolfeest - after the school party
naar - to (places)             
           naar bed - to bed
           naar school - to school
          naar Londen vertrekken - to leave for Londen
naast - next to, beside    
          hij woont naast mij - he lives next to me
          naast de kast - beside the cabinet
namens - on behalf of       
           ik spreek namens alle leiden
           I speak on behalf of all members
om-around, for                

           om de hoek - around the corner
           om tien uur - at ten o'clock
           de tijd is om - the time is up
           om de twee weken - every two weeks
ondanks - inspite of         

            ondanks het weer - in spite of the weather
onder - under                  

            onder de 50 minuten - under 50 minutes
            onder mijn voorganger - under my predecessor
            onder de tafel - under the table
op - on, at, in, on, upwards, by
            op de kast - on the cabinet
voor - for, at, before, previous to, ahead, prior to
             voor 9 uur - before 9 o'clock
             voor mij - for me
sinds - ever since, since      

             sinds 1996 - since 1996
tussen - among, amongst, between    
             tussen ons - between us
tijdens/gedurende - during                      
            gedurende het week - during the week
van - of, at, by, for, in, off, on, out of
            van mij - from me
vanwege - because of, on account of, by reason of, due to, for, in respect of
             vanwege de regen - because of the rain
vanaf - from, ever since, since, off
            vanaf 10 uur - from 10 o'clock
Sometimes you are not dealing with a preposition but a separable verb. Then the verb consists of two parts:
aankomen - arrive
Ze komen net aan. - They just arrive.
opbellen - called up
We bellen je morgen op. - We call you up tomorrow.
aan and op in these sentences are not prepositions but they are the verbs (separable verbs)!


14 October 2009

the DuTcH GuY behind BIG BROTHER

Do you know that Big BroTheR show is produced by a Dutch guy, John de Mol?

             Name               Johannes Hendrikus Hubert de Mol
             Born                 April 24, 1955
                                      Hilversum, the Netherlands
             Residence         Blaricum, the Netherlands
             Nationality        Dutch
             Net worth        2.2 billion US dollars
              Known for      Founding Endemol
                                     Founding Talpa Media Group
            Spouse             Willeke Alberti (1976-1980)
            Child                 Johnny de Mol
Forbes magazine named him as one of the 500 richest people in the world. De Mol is one of the men behind production companies Endemol and Talpa.
De Mol, a well known personality in the Netherlands, acquired his fortune producing television programs. In 1997-1999 he developed the highly popular reality television series Big Brother with his own production company John de Mol Produkties. In 1994 his company merged with Joop van den Ende TV-Producties into Endemol, but it still functioned on its own. He also produced Love Letters, 1 vs. 100 and Deal or No Deal (Miljoenenjacht) for Endemol. De Mol sold his share of Endemol in 2000 to Telefonica, but continued to serve as creative director until 2004.
In May 2007 De Mol returned as one of the main share holders of Endemol together with the Italian company Mediaset of Silvio Berlusconi in a 2.6 billion Euro deal.
De Mol was formerly married to singer and actress Willeke Alberti. The actor Johnny de Mol is their son.
From 1979 to 1982, he had a love affair with Marga Scheide, member of the girl group Luv'.
Outside of television, De Mol controls large private equity fund which owned significant shares of auto manufacturer Spyker Cars, football team Manchester United and telecommunications company Versatel.
Do you know that Big Brother is very popular in the whole world?
When I was in the Philippines the show was very popular. I even find blogs writing about the show. The show must be interesting.
How's the show going on now in the Philippines?
What does one get when he wins?


13 October 2009

The TiARaS of PRinCeSs Maxima

Princess Maxima is the wife of Prince Willem Alexander. Her husband is the eldest son of Queen Beatrix who will be the next in line to reign the Netherlands. They were married on February 2, 2002. They have 3 daughters. Princess Maxima is from Argentina. She is lovely, nice and one of the most popular members in the Dutch Royal Family. During government gatherings and visits she wears these tiaras.


08 October 2009

QuEen BeATRix HeADdReSSes

When do queens and princesses wear headdresses?
When do they wear tiaras?

Do you like headress?
Did you ever wear one?


06 October 2009

QuEen BEaTRix TiaRaS

The Netherlands' form of government is monarchy so may be ruled by a king or queen. The head of the government now is a queen, HER MAJESTY QUEEN BEATRIX.
Everytime when there are official events she wears beautiful, elegant, and valuable tiaras made of diamonds, pearls, emeralds, ruby etc. It fascinated me to dig up the tiaras of Queen Beatrix. I found these tiaras. Which tiara you like most? Have you ever wear a tiara, maybe in your wedding?


About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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