30 December 2009

WeLcome 2010 with WisHes and HOPes


Love one another
Peace in the whole world.
Care for each other
Care for the environment
More concern for our neighborhood
Share and give what we have

Concern for Earth where we live in
Be aware of the global warming
Plant more trees instead of cutting them down.
YOUR FUTURE, MY FUTURE and the FUTURE of the Planet Earth begins in YOU/ME.
Hand in hand, we will save our Planet



Memorabilia, where to keep them SAFE?

How do you keep your precious memories?
How do you keep memories like letters, photographs, recording, etc. These are some of the things you valued, treasured and never want to lose. To keep pictures, we have albums. But we do not know if these will stay forever because pictures fade away. Another is to store them in a safety place. Having a personal page is the safest place. The things you left behind will always be preserved.
MyHeartwill is the place where you can keep your precious memories safe for the future. They keep letters, photographs, recording and copies of memorabilia. A place where your loved ones can find you when you are gone. On Living On is a new kind of will beyond legalities. It is about passing on a will from the heart---emotional wealth.
For fun memories visit their Facebook.

Memory is the way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
Do not lose them, keep them safe.


29 December 2009

The Snow has Melted

Accidents happen anytime, anywhere.
Last week the snow was 15 centimeters thick. The kids were happy. They played on the snow. They made snowman. Many people had hoped for a white Christmas but it did not happen because in the afternoon of the 25th the snow started to melt. So, no white Christmas.
On the other hand so many car accidents happened in the different places in the country because drivers found it difficult to drive. They are not used to drive on the snow because we seldom have snow here. If you encountered accident in your car or work , do you have an accident lawyer who can help in your papers? Having a good accident lawyer is very important. They can help you on your legal rights and get the justice you deserve.
The snow has totally melted, no more snow. Good for me because I do not like snow and besides they cause accidents.
Do you like snow?



Oliebollen (olie mean oil, bollen means balls) are tradionational Dutch snacks. They are tradionationally eaten on New Year's Eve in the Netherlands. But you can also buy them during fun fairs throughout the year. Before I go home after shopping I usually buy oliebollen. I like them with matching cup of coffee.
Here is the recipe if you wanna try our traditional snacks:
500 grams flour
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 egg
80 grams raisins
4 grams yeast
450 ml lukewarm milk
1 apple slices
few drops of lemon juice
Put yeast in a mug of lukewarm milk with sugar. Let it stands for 10 minutes or until milk produces foam. Mix flour with salt. Make a hole in the middle, pour the yeast and the rest of the milk. Knead into a glass mixture. Beat the egg, add the raisins, aplles and lemon. Cover the bowl with a towel. Let it rise about one hour on a warm still free place and must be 1.5 times its original size.
Heat oil in a pan to 160 degrees celsius. Get a tablespoon of the mixture and fry it until brown about 8 minutes. Put the oliebollen on  a paper towel. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar.


ANSWERS Exercise 15, Count Numbers

EXERCISE 15, Count Numbers

ANSWERS, Exercise 15:
1.) vijfenveertig                               16.) 25
2.) tien                                            17.) 15
3.) vijftien                                       18.)100
4.) achttien                                      19.) 34
5.) negenennegentig                          20.) 16
6.) twaalf                                         21.)11
7.) achtentachtig                               22.) 6
8.) drieenzeventig                             23.) 18
9.) drie                                           24.) 13
10.) twintig                                     25.) 67
11.) eenendertig                              26.) 89
12.) veertig                                     27.) 96
13.) twee                                       28.) 50
14.) achtentwintig                           29.) 68
15.) negenenvijftig                           30.) 80


EXERCISE 15, Dutch Count Numbers

DUTCH MATH, Count Numbers:
Give the correct answers:
1.) 45 -                                      16.) vijfentwintig -
2.) 10 -                                      17.) vijftien -
3.) 15 -                                      18.) honderd -
4.) 18 -                                      19.) vierendertig -
5.) 99 -                                       20.) zestien -
6.) 12 -                                       21.) elf -
7.) 88 -                                       22.) zes -
8.) 73 -                                       23.) achttien -
9.) 3 -                                         24.) dertien -
10.) 20 -                                     25.) zevenenzestig -
11.) 31 -                                      26.) negenentachtig -
12.) 40 -                                      27.) zesennegentig -
13.) 2 -                                        28.) vijftig -
14.) 28 -                                      29.) achtenzestig -
15.) 59 -                                      30.) tachtig -
ANSWERS, exercise 15


DUTCH MATH, Count Numbers

1 – één                                     51 – éénenvijftig
2 – twee                                   52 – tweeënvijftig
3 – drie                                     53 – drieënvijftig
4 – vier                                     54 – vierenvijftig
5 – vijf                                      55 – vijfenvijftig
6 – zes                                      56 – zesenvijftig
7 – zeven                                  57 – zevenenvijftig
8 – acht                                     58 – achtenvijftig
9 – negen                                  59 – negenenvijftig
10 – tien                                    60 – zestig
11 – elf                                      61 – éénenzestig
12 – twaalf                                 62 – tweeënzestig
13 – dertien                                63 – drieënzestig
14 – veertien                               64 – vierenzestig
15 – vijftien                                 65 – vijfenzestig
16 – zestien                                  66 – zesenzestig
17 – zeventien                              67 – zevenenzestig
18 – achttien                                68 – achtenzestig
19 – negentien                              69 – negenenzestig
20 – twintig                                 70 – zeventig
21 – éénentwintig                         71 – éénenzeventig
22 – tweeëntwintig                       72 – tweeënzeventig
23 – drieëntwintig                         73 – drieënzeventig
24 – vierentwintig                         74 – vierenzeventig
25 – vijfentwintig                          75 – vijfenzeventig
26 – zesentwintig                           76 – zesenzeventig
27 – zevenentwintig                       77 – zevenenzeventig
28 – achtentwintig                         78 – achtenzeventig
29 – negenentwintig                       79 – negenenzeventig
30 – dertig                                     80 – tachtig
31 – éénendertig                             81 – éénentachtig
32 – tweeëndertig                           82 – tweeëntachtig
33 – drieëndertig                             83 – drieëntachtig
34 – vierendertig                             84 – vierentachtig
35 – vijfendertig                              85 – vijfentachtig
36 – zesendertig                              86 – zesentachtig
37 – zevenendertig                          87 – zevenentachtig
38 – achtendertig                             88 – achtentachtig
39 – negenendertig                           89 – negenentachtig
40 – veertig                                     90 – negentig
41 – éénenveertig                             91 – éénennegentig
42 – tweeënveertig                           92 – tweeënnegentig
43 – drieënveertig                            93 – drieënnegentig
44 – vierenveertig                            94 – vierennegentig
45 – vijfenveertig                             95 – vijfennegentig
46 – vierenveertig                             96 – zesennegentig
47 – zevenenveertig                          97 – zevenennegentig
48 – achtenveertig                            98 – achtennegentig
49 – negenenveertig                          99 – negenennegentig
50 – vijftig                                       100 - honderd



24 December 2009


Dutch Christmas is on December 25 and 26. I tried to find out why it is December 25 and 26, wiki gives only the dates, no explanations. But anyway, MY CHRISTMAS GREETINGS TO ALL!


23 December 2009

Welcome 2010 with New Style

After two and a half months of waiting, finally our dining table is delivered last Friday. We are very happy to have the table. I can buy now new place mats for our new dining table. I went on shopping  yesterday. There were so many people shopping for Christmas. I have got headache from going in and out from one shops to another. So, after two hours of shopping I decided to go home.  I wanted to buy place mats, dinnerware, and table runner. I bought a silver table runner because our table is black tempered glass and has silver metal legs. We have to change our old plastic place mats. So, I bought seven pieces of black cotton place mats. After placing the place mats, we found out that the  table looks very dull. I think red place mats will match the black tempered glass table. I was also looking for flatware. But I could not decide which one to buy. I told my hubby to search in the internet, the dinnerware and flatware he wanted. He came across this website Home Laughlin Fine China. So many designs to choose from their collections. This is the place to shop because of the following conditions like:
No Hassle Return Policy
Lifetime Replacement Program
Price Guarantee
Thus, for your dinnerware and flatware visit their website.
Welcome 2010 with new style.


22 December 2009


Hutspot is a tradional Dutch food. Hutspot is eaten in the winder. This will give more energy in the cold weather. Potatoes, onions and carrots are mashed together. While waiting the potatoes, onions and carrots to cook, I am also doing post about hutspot. We gonna eat hutspot this evening with beef. Sprinkle the beef with pepper and salt. Fry in butter and then add water. Cook until beef is tender. Once the potatoes, onions and carrots are ready add gravy and mash. Then hutspot is ready to eat. Try our dutch food, maybe you will like.
What do you have for dinner?


21 December 2009

A Stressful Afternoon

What are you going to do when you have a headache accompanied by dizziness?
Headaches and dizziness occur most often. Illnesses that can cause dizziness includes low blood pressure, fevers, depression, stress, etc. Speaking of stress, I am so stressed since we moved here. I have to adjust my new neighborhood. We have to do many things like buying furniture and decorating the house for Christmas. Our couch will be delivered next year somewhere in February. This afternoon I was out shopping for gifts. I wanted to buy gifts for my children. My hubby looked after the kids. He did not go to work today because of the thick snow. It was very dangerous to drive. I have to buy some things for Christmas. I was looking for accessories like Christmas place mats, lights etc. Our dining table was delivered last Friday so I wanted new place mats. After few hours of shopping I felt dizzy and had a headache. To be honest, I do not like shopping. It is tiresome going in and out from one shop to another. Guess, what I bought? I went home without the place mats and the things I wanted to buy. I bought the things which were not on my list. When I arrived home I immediately took paracetamol. I went to bed. My hubby cooked our dinner. After eating our supper I felt better. Now I sit behind the computer, check my mails and want to update my blog.
It was a stressful afternoon.


20 December 2009


It is here a tradition to send christmas cards to all friends and family members. Last week we sent 21 christmas cards and yesterday another 19 cards, thus a total of 40. We already received these christmas cards (on the picture) and pasted them on one of the doors in the hallway. More cards are on the way, I think. If you send hundred cards you can also expect the same number back. It is a Dutch attitude if you give something, you will also receive. I am talking in a positive tone. You will be expecting a full mailbox everyday until christmas. They also have christmas stamps (.34 euro cents = 22.60 pesos) which is cheaper than the ordinary stamps.
Do you send christmas cards to your loved ones and friends?


18 December 2009

Sleep Well

Sleep well with a good bed. Adults need a good sleep and children too. Bed plays an important role when you rest. After a tiring and busy day you want to have a good sleep. A good bed and mattress are very important.
Few weeks ago, we bought childrens beds for our kids. Annabel has a normal bed with cabinets under where she can keep her things. Kevin has a loft bed with tent included. It took us weeks to choose the right beds. There are so many things to consider when you buy beds. You have to look at the price, the quality of the bed, mattress and its extra functions. Kevin has the smallest room. We have to be creative and resourceful to use the space. So, we decided to buy a loft bed for Kevin. The bed is high and below he can use to keep his toys. When we saw the bed, he immediately said "I like that bed. I can make a tent below." Without any hesitations we bought that loft bed. He is very satisfied with his bed. He stays most often in the tent. Occasionally Annabel visits Kevin in his tent. She brings her toys and share it with her younger brother. I love seeing them playing together in the tent. I sometimes join them.
To have a good sleep you must have a good bed.


Miss aN oPportunity

I have just missed an opportunity from Payperpost 4.0 alpha. I registered my other blog My Life in Holland few months ago. Since then I never heard from them till today. I received an email that I have to log in to my account. But I was very busy. I was not able to check my account right away. I have just logged in and check MY LEADS, I saw this message: Sorry the advertiser has cancelled this opportunity. I think I have missed the opportunity. I seldom check Payperpost 4.0 alpha because I think I will never receive opps from them. Most of the time the emails come to late. So, as tips to all bloggers check your blog account every now and then. You never know that there are opps waiting for you. I have just registered this blog. All I have to do now, sit back and wait for the opps to come.
Have you ever received opportunities from payperpost 4.0 alpha?
Would love to hear and know your experiences about payperpost.


Be Risk-free

Everybody needs security. There are different ways to feel secure. To have your things secured and risk-free you must have insurance like car, business, house, disability, legal, insurance etc. We have different kinds of insurance here. I have been looking for car insurance because the car insurance of my friend expires this month. She asked me to look for experts who knows best about car insurance. After several days of searching and reading reviews in the internet, I came across several companies. They offer various car insurance. She wants to trade in her car. She is looking for an insurance that gives more extras like fire, loss or damage, etc. Choosing an insurance company who gives the right and good services is not easy. There are so many companies to choose from like Motor Trade Insurance. You must also consider the premium you pay every month.
Does anyone there know about motor trade insurance?
Do you have car insurance?
Do you feel safe when you have car insurance?


The fiRsT snoW faLLs

These pictures were taken yesterday morning in our neighborhood.
Yesterday evening fell down the first snow this year.  It is very nice to see snow but it is very cold. Last year the snow was not too thick. I don't like snow. I have to wear thick jacket, gloves, shawl and bonnet.
Have you seen snow in real?
Do you like snow?
Do you like skating on the snow?


17 December 2009

ANSWERS exercise 14, parts of the house and the things inside

ENGLISH-DUTCH VOCABULARY 8: parts of the house and the things inside
EXERCISE 14, parts of the house and the things inside

ANSWERS of exercise 14, parts of the house and the things inside
1. raam                                                      16. deur
2. dak                                                        17. zolder
3. tafel                                                       18. eerste verdieping
4. salon tafel                                             19. woonkamer
5. badkamer                                              20. keuken
6. lepel                                                       21. borden
7. huis                                                        22. vensterbank
8. kelder                                                     23. trap
9. plafond                                                   24. muur
10. drempel                                               25. regenpijp
11. spiegel                                                26. douche
12. lichten                                                  27. vork
13. emmer                                                 28. fornuis
14. magnetron                                           29. vriezer
15. afwasmachine                                    30. wasmachine


EXERCISE 14, parts of the house and the things inside

ENGLISH-DUTCH VOCABULARY 8: Parts of the house and the things inside

Translate the following into dutch:
1. window -                                                    16. door -
2. roof -                                                          17. attic -
3. table -                                                        18. first floor -
4. salon table -                                              19. living room -
5. bathroom -                                                 20. kitchen -
6. spoon -                                                       21. dishes -
7. house -                                                       22. windowsill -
8. basement -                                                23. stair -
9. ceiling -                                                      24. wall -
10. threshold -                                               25. drainpipe -
11. mirror -                                                    26. shower -
12. lights -                                                     27. fork -
13. bin -                                                         28. oven -
14. microwave -                                            29. freezer -
15. dish washer -                                         30. washing machine -

ANSWERS, exercise 14


ENGLISH-DUTCH VOCABULARY 8: parts of the house and things inside

English - Dutch Vocabulary:

house - huis                                                      roof - dak
window - raam                                                  door - deur
bedroom - slaapkamer                                   living room - woonkamer
kitchen - keuken                                              attic - zolder kamer
stair - trap                                                         ground floor - begane grond
first floor - eerste verdieping                           threshold - drempel
floor - vloer                                                        drainpipe - regenpijp
windowsill - vensterbank                                 skylight - dakraam
hallway - gang                                                  rear door - achter deur
front door - voordeur                                        bathroom - badkamer
basement - kelder                                            wall - muur
ceiling - plafond

Things in the house:
couch - bankstel                                             table - tafel
salon table - salon tafel                                  bed - bed
eettafel - dining table                                     stove - fornuis
washing machine - wasmachine                  dish washer - afwasmachine
water cooker - water koker                           microwave - magnetron
refrigerator - koelkast                                    freezer - vriezer
cupboard/cabinet - kast                                oven - oven
side table - zijtafel                                          vase - vaas
bin - emmer                                                    pan - pan
plates - borden                                               spoon - lepel
fork - vork                                                        knife - mes
mug - mok                                                      cup - kop
shower - douche                                            mirror - spiegel
lights - lichten                                                 lamp - lamp
night lamp - nacht lamp                  

EXERCISE 14: Parts of the house and inside


16 December 2009

DUTCH CULTURE: puTTing up ChristMas DecoRs

Dutch people usually decorate and put up their Christmas trees on the second week of December. Some people disassemble their christmas tree on the 27th of December, few days after christmas. So, we only enjoy our christmas tree for 3-4 weeks. It is strange if you decorate your tree in November and dismantle in January. But I usually disassemble our Christmas tree after Three Kings. In the malls, you can not buy christmas decors before December. So, you don't feel it is christmas if you don't see christmas decors. Our Christmas tree is done. I will post pictures this week.
In the Philippines, some people put up their christmas tree in September, which I think weird and commercial. The earlier the malls display christmas decors the more sale they can have.
So, a difference in culture and tradition.


ANSWERS, exercise 13

Vowel(s) CoMbinatiOns:
EXERCISE 13, Vowel Combinations:

ANSWERS, exercise 13
1. rauw                                       16. wantrouwend
2. plooi                                       17. meest
3. eigenlijk                                  18. vreselijk
4. kabouter                                 19. trein
5. vouwen                                  20. scheur
6. staan                                      21. schuur
7. ruiken                                    22. bloeien
8. stoep                                      23. loopt
9. straat                                      24. sneeuw
10. bijt/beet                               25. ijsbreker
11. neus                                     26. kook
12. muur                                    27. reus
13. boek                                    28. eieren
14. pijl                                       29. peil
15. meet                                    30. deur


EXERCISE 13: vowel combinations

VOweL ComBinationS:
Fill in the correct vowel combinations (aa, ee, oo, uu, ei, au, ou, ij, eu, oi, oe, ui)
1. r__w (raw)                              16. wantr__wend (suspicious)
2. plo__ (fold, wrinkle)                 17. m__st (most)
3. __ genlijk (actually)                  18. vresel__k (horrible)
4. kab__ter (gnome, elf)               19.tr__n (train)
5. v__wen (fold)                          20. sch__r (split, crack)
6. st__n (stand)                            21. sch__r (barn)
7. r__ken (smell)                          22. bl__men (bloom)
8. st__p (sidewalk)                       23. l__pt ( walks)
9. str__t (street)                           24. sne__w (snow)
10. b__t (bite)                              25. __sbreker (icebreaker)
11. n__s (nose)                            26. k__k (cook)
12. m__r (wall)                            27. r__s (giant)
13. b__k (book)                           28. __eren (eggs)
14. p__l (arrow)                           29. p__l (level)
15. m__t (measurement)               30. d__r (door)



DUTCH LANGUAGE: VoweL(s) CombiNaTions

The vowels:
a - man, bank, sla
e - pen, ben, mes
i - kip, tip, vis
o - top, dop, kop
u - put, mug, bus

Vowel combinations:
aa - maan, baan, slaan,

au - blauw, lauw, pauw
ou - touw, mouw, trouwen, houten

ui - uien, buien, huilen, bruilen,

ie - vies, kies, triest, 

ij - ijs, blij, bij, mij
ei - eieren, klein, brein,

ee - meent, teen, been,
eu - neus, keus, reus

oo - kook, koop, loop
oe - koek, soep, stoep

uu - puur, duur, zuur
eu - deur, veul, peul



11 December 2009

TYPICAL DUTCH FOOD: StampPoT with endiVe

The other night we ate stamppot. It is a typical Dutch food.
Stamppot is mashed potatoes with endive. We call it Andijvie Stamppot.
Stamppot is prepared by boiling the vegetables and potatoes separately. Once done, the potatoes are added to the same pot as the vegetables and all are thoroughly mashed together with stamppot gravy. Some people add applesauce to this mix for extra flavor and/or to soften the mix. A rookworst is the preferred piece of meat to be added to the dish. Some eat it together with meatballs.
There are various kinds of stamppot.
- mashed potatoes with onions and carrots
- mashed pototoes with kale
- mashed potatoes with sauerkraut
- mashed potatoes with spinach
- mashed potatoes with runner beans
- mashed potatoes with sprouts
- mashed potatoes with cabbage
Dutch people eat stamppot in the winter because this food gives more resistance against the cold weather. 
In my next post I will show you how to make Boerenkool (kale) Stamppot. We eat potatoes four times a week and the rest of the days pasta and rice. My kids like rice. They are really Filipinos.


07 December 2009

6th BiRThdaY of PRinCess AmaLia

Princess Amalia, the eldest daughter of the crown Prince Willem-Alexander and Princess Maxima, celebrates her 6th birthday today. She celebrates her birthday with her family in Wassenaar. As each year there is always a concert at Kloosterkerk in The Hague on her day. The same as other kids in school she also gives birthday treats. The princess is now in group 3 in the Openbare Bloemcampschool in Wassenaar.


04 December 2009

WhY is this TRee used As ChRisTmas Tree?

I took these pictures last summer in the woods.
This tree is called the Christmas tree. Why this kind of tree?
Everybody celebrates Christmas. To complete the festivity we should have a christmas tree.
Christmas tree is from the species of pine trees. There are different kinds of pine trees. These trees on the pictures are Nordmann Fir which is used as Christmas tree, it has the benefit of not shedding their needles when they dry out, as well as retaining good foliage colour and scent, but species in other genera are also used.
In northern Europe most commonly used are:
Silver Fir Abies alba (the original species)
Nordmann Fir Abies nordmanniana (as in the photo)
Noble Fir Abies procera
Norway Spruce Picea abies (generally the cheapest)
Serbian Spruce Picea omorika
Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris
Stone Pine Pinus pinea (as small table-top trees
Swiss Pine Pinus cembra
In North America, Central America and South America most commonly used are:
 Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii
Balsam Fir Abies balsamea
Fraser Fir Abies fraseri
Grand Fir Abies grandis
Guatemalan Fir Abies guatemalensis     
Noble Fir Abies procera
Red Fir Abies magnifica
Colorado Pine Pinus edulis
Jeffrey Pine Pinus jeffreyi
Scots Pine Pinus sylvestris
Stone Pine Pinus pinea (as small table-top trees)
Norfolk Island pine Araucaria heterophylla
Different countries make their own christmas trees, variation of christmas trees. In the Philippines, we don´t have pines like the Nordmann fir. People who can not buy artificial christmas tree, they cut some kind of shrubs and decorate it. Put some christmas lights, balls, candies etc. In different ways, we celebrate christmas to welcome Jesus Christ, the Savior in Catholic religion.
 I will put our christmas tree this weekend after Sinterklaas. I will post the picture of our christmas tree in my next post. This year we decided to have artificial tree.
How about you, are you done making your christmas tree?
Do you have artificial or the natural tree?
What do you put on your christmas tree?
How do you celebrate christmas?


About this Blog

I make this blog for foreigners who will live in this country, THE NETHERLANDS. Foreigners who are engaged or married they have to learn a lot of things about their new home like the culture, architectures, landscape, government, dikes etc. Especially the Dutch language which is very important in their social life. It is very difficult if they cannot communicate with other people. Most people speak Dutch, only few speaks English.
For visitors and readers, this will give you an idea what this country is. This small country ranks no. 5 in the economic stability in EUROPE. Their architectures like palaces, castles, dikes, ports (air and sea) are amazing.
Their culture is very interesting.

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